Incomplete Therapy

Not committing to the Therapist’s recommendations.

Let’s face it! No one chooses Therapy with the same enthusiasm and glee as we choose a holiday, a fine dining evening, a spa day, lunch with our best friend …. We all choose to call a Therapist when we have a substantial, sometimes overwhelming awareness, at some level of our consciousness that we need professional help to improve, resolve the difficulties we are facing… no matter what area of life it is that is holding us back – keeping us on a hamster wheel, we just can’t figure out how to stop or get off, on our own.

Every single person who reaches out and wishes to speak to me is feeling frustrated, defeated, tired, weakened, challenged on one side and full of hope and desire on the other side, for their freedom, ease and sense of well-being. Each one wants to feel happy healthy and at peace – enjoying their life – feeling balanced, content and in the driver’s seat of their life.

The ones who do not complete the therapy as per the Therapist’s recommendations have their own unique set of reasons such as the emotional intensity experienced, the expense and sometimes the positive changes already achieved seemed to have taken the edge off the issue, so the commitment wanes. Indeed, some are sceptical about the process and the power of the method to create the transformation of the more serious underlying issues and the health issues that have become part of life. For some, the changes are much bigger than they anticipated or were ready for. The underlying emotions are fear, disbelief, doubt, shame, guilt, lack of trust & faith.

Some of the underlying beliefs that keep people from completing the journey they started is the sociological program that we inherit:

  • Seeking of solutions outside of us.
  • Expectation of being a passive and powerless recipient of solutions.
  • The power and responsibility of our healing lies with the expert.
  • Addicted to effortless pain-relief through medication.
  • Avoidance of feeling and expressing emotional pain. Too hard.
  • Our emotions have nothing to do with our physical conditions.
  • Using left brain predominantly – logic, analysis, will and ego.
  • Focussed on our external personality – always appear in control and sorted.
  • Preoccupied with camouflaging what we believe is wrong with us.
  • Not trusting our instincts and intuitive guidance. Allowing scepticism to win. Ours or others around us.
  • Habit of seeking relief not empowerment and improvement.
  • Resistance to change.
  • Imbalanced sense of priorities. Valuing everything else more than self. Work, money, family, holidays. Missing the value of being a healthier happier person so all areas of life can work better.
  • Intimidated by discovering flawed behaviour patterns in self caused by the abuse experienced in childhood.
  • Doubts about the efficacy of the method or the competence of the Therapist. She is not a doctor!
    I acknowledge that therapy, rather RAPID TRANSFORMATIONAL THERAPY is life changing just as a major renovation or rebuild is. The truth is the result is always pleasing and remarkable. Clients who do minimum of 3 sessions for any one issue, find that they have reconstructed their personality for the better in more ways than they could have imagined. Each one of us is a sum of all our parts and when we change even one part all other parts receive a beneficial stimulus. So, for example, a person who overcomes their anxiety, fear and the habit of stress not only feels lighter brighter happier but is able to improve their relationships, their money, their work, their physical health, life-style, sleep, eating habits. Simply because their anxiety was consuming so much of their energy and attention that they just couldn’t be their best self in other areas. We all know eating well, being active, sleeping well, being a positive, confident energised person creates a healthy, happy and inspiring life.

So when a client leaves the therapy incomplete, after 1 session, it is akin to taking out the contents of a bursting untidy smelly wardrobe. Leaving the whole thing on the floor. All that you have done in 1 session is looked at the contents now that they are spread out on the floor. Become upset and overwhelmed to realize the truth of what was stuffed in your wardrobe for so long. You can see clearly some of the things that you didn’t even know you had. You can see some of the things you simply don’t want. You have picked up some of the obvious absolute no-nos and stuffed them in a big box ready to dispose of. Then you just got fed up and tired of the mess & this exercise because it felt hard and brought back memories you simply don’t want to re-visit. Then you decided to stuff the remaining yet unsorted contents back in the cupboard or simply left them on the floor. You just didn’t wait long enough to realize that you have already done the hardest part – that is – allowed the over burgeoning unsustainable contents to fall to the floor in clear view.

You have already removed a fair few. Now the idea of having a clean tidy and well-organised wardrobe only containing the items you really want and like is within reach. And how wonderful that would be. You can see in your mind’s eyes, what life would be like. Also, there would be space for new things. It would most likely take only 3 sessions to reach that goal. You know that you can space out over 3 months, so you can sort and sift, sort and sift at an easy pace. Each session makes the next one easier because you are already stronger at the beginning of each next session. All that is required is the commitment to the process. The conviction and courage to keep the vision of that clean tidy organised wardrobe insight. A wardrobe that stays that way, because in the process of clearing out the mess collected over a lifetime you have learned how to sort and sift automatically easily and effortlessly as you go along. You just have a habit of never putting back in the cupboard items that no longer serve you. Everything changes. In most cases in up to 3 sessions.

So in short, a client who leaves the therapy after 1 session simply has not committed themselves to their own transformation to a better easier happier healthier way in the long-term.

I conclude with the question – what is the cost to your life of not making the changes? Is it more than the time, effort and money you will invest in 3 sessions?

If the answer is that the cost is immeasurable and incomparable. Then Stop. Think. See if you choose to get in touch to complete the journey.

I am happy to be your cheerleader till you become YOUR OWN CHEERLEADER.

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