Hypnosis for Addiction

Set yourself free from addictions once and for all, with RAPID TRANSFORMATIONAL THERAPY. Hypnotherapy, the RTT way, is a powerful method to ‘Let go’ of compulsive habits without effort. Hypnosis for addiction changes the way you feel and the addiction loop is broken.

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How do Addictions get created?

Quite simply an addiction, of any sort is a habit. A loop gets created between a pattern of feelings & thoughts and the pattern of behaviour. This loop has a life of its’ own and goes on and on automatically. At the foundation of every addiction is a desperate need to find relief from ongoing, constant painful and hurtful feelings that the person, just didn’t know how to stop or overcome.

Often no help or support is available in the way the person needs from the environment they are in. A sense of powerlessness and helplessness underlies this pattern of bad feelings. An inability to change their world, their life. This pattern of feeling & thinking mostly starts in childhood. As the child grows up and has some freedom to choose, he/she is desperate to feel good and seeks activities, substances that provide a Dopamine release i.e. feelings of well-being. However temporary the feelings of well-being, the fix happens quickly and becomes a pattern of behaviour.

Every person unique in the circumstances of their life and their ability to cope. So, the intensity of the addictive need for relief varies. The underlying feelings of not being good enough take on a flavour unique to each person. These feelings over a prolonged period have created subconscious beliefs about self, life and world that are negative, disempowering, and self-sabotaging. So, no matter how the circumstances change in adulthood, the limiting beliefs maintain the perception of ‘Not Good Enough’.

Essentially an addiction is a coping mechanism for hurtful & harmful feelings that belong in the past. Most likely in the early years of childhood.

Addictive habits always come with damaging costs to the person and their eco system. It is these damaging costs to health, finances, relationships and most importantly to the person’s own personality and character that often make it important for the person to overcome the habit.

Hypnosis for Addictions
Hypnosis for Addictions

How does Rapid Transformational Therapy help fix addictions?

Rapid Transformational Therapy is a powerful method with unparalleled results that works with your subconscious mind to understand the ‘root cause/s’ of the patterns in your mindset that have created and sustain the addiction. Understanding is power in your hand under hypnosis. As your RTT Therapist I collaborate with you to reframe the self-sabotaging beliefs and transform your mindset to be aligned with the truth of your unique Enough-ness. As you transform your sense of self to reflect your strengths and abilities and focus on the positive potentiality of your life, the neuroplasticity of the brain removes the old patterns and rewires the brain to create patterns of thought, feelings, and behaviours that you actually want and desire.

The Common addictions I work with to transform your life and help you become free include (but are not limited to):

  • Stop Smoking
  • Stop Alcohol
  • Stop Drugs
  • Stop Gambling

Hypnosis for alcohol, hypnosis to quit smoking & other harmful addictions

Smoking, alcohol, drugs and gambling are not the only addictions. Sometimes people could be addicted to sex, work, food, digital/online activities, or dangerous-risky sport.

We are aware of the negative and harmful effects of addiction. There is often significant shame, guilt and blame apportioned toward the person with the addictions. In many places, addiction is criminalised too. Addiction is a sign that the person is suffering and requires compassion, support and understanding.

The fact about addiction that are seldom known, understood, or acknowledged by society, mainstream medicine/ therapy is that addiction provides a crucial and critical benefit to the person to cope with the way they feel. The underlying root cause of all addictions is emotional trauma and suffering. The addiction provides relief, a respite, a distraction, and a dopamine hit. Dopamine is one of the important neurotransmitters that promote feelings of well-being and happiness. Addiction is created one day at a time by a person who is desperate to find relief from acute traumatic suffering created by a life-changing event/experience or a prolonged and ongoing source of stress, trauma and abuse during the early development years of life.

When a person is unable to find a way to heal, resolve and ‘Let go’ of this emotional pain, hurt, fear, guilt, shame and bad feelings, no matter what they do, then they need a crutch, a way to sooth themselves; something that will provide relief no matter how short-lived. This need is felt in the form of desperation, it is a cry for help and the pain is felt so intensely that it never stops. It is this state of mind that causes a person to start finding relief in habits they know are not good for them. These habits dull the pain. And sometimes even manage to numb it. But only for a while.

The more a person relies on this habit, this addiction, the worse they feel. The bad feelings they wanted to be free from getting worse because now the addiction makes them feel out of control, unable to discipline themselves, their will is mostly ineffective or works for short spells. The cycle of failure and desperation remains. What’s more everyone else judges them too.

Hypnosis based therapy – RTT has the power to once and for all breal this cycle of pain and suffering in upto 3 sessions in most cases. RTT works remarkably and each session will create improvement and positive experience of life on a day-to-day basis. The process of change is ongoing, and each forward step creates a sense of empowerment and wellness. People find that not only do they overcome their addictions but also improve their health and relationships. Live a better life – one that quickly becomes a positive expectation of well-being and energy for the good life.

Hypnosis for Addictions
Hypnosis for Addictions

How does Hypnotherapy, RTT way, help Addictions?

Firstly, in the RTT way, we don’t ask what is wrong with you. We ask – what happened to you? As your RTT Therapist, I will seek to help you understand the root cause/s of your addictions. We explore the emotions, the feelings, the thoughts and the obsessive-compulsive behaviours and the events, experiences that created the pain, the hurt, the desperation. And then together we change the meanings, the imprints and focus of your deeper mindset.

You get to reframe your negative beliefs – the ones that have been playing like a record – on and on and on – holding you in the same loop, as a hamster on a wheel. Instead, you create and replace them with positive and life-affirming and self-respecting beliefs. You will be free from the addiction and the newer better version of you will be stronger wiser and much happier. As you change how you feel about yourself, the things you feel about yourself change.

I have helped several people cross this river before. It works every time. The journey is different, but the destination is always the same. Freedom. All that you need to bring with you is an absolute commitment to the journey.

When you speak to me, I can help you understand your specific issue and how I can help you.

Did you know I offer my services both locally and globally? If you are not located in Sydney, don’t stress! Many of my sessions with my clients are conducted via online Zoom sessions. Book a discovery call today.

As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.

– Rumi

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