This service is not liable for loss, harm, inconvenience or expense incurred due to the following circumstances:

  • This service is not equipped to provide crisis care. If you’re in danger of causing harm to yourself or being harmed by someone, please immediately contact a doctor, an ambulance, the nearest hospital, or the police. Or call your local emergency number.
  • Emergency number to call in Australia – 000.
  • No guarantee can be provided for the level of outcomes.
  • The outcomes for each person are unique. So, although positive noticeable changes are the norm for most people, each person responds according to their unique personality. The therapist will recommend & guide them to the best of her abilities.
  • The therapist reserves the right to refuse to work with anyone as per her judgment of fit and suitability with any person.
  • It is the person’s responsibility to declare if they are diagnosed with Psychosis or Epilepsy
  • This therapy is not suitable for persons with:
    • a history of psychosis or psychotic medications.
    • a history of Epileptic fits.
  • The therapist reserves the right to cancel, stop or discontinue to provide therapy or/and demand the client leave the premises if the clients’ behaviour is deemed to be inappropriate in any way, which makes the therapist feel unsafe, disrespected, threatened, or uncomfortable.
  • Late attendance by 30 minutes or more may require the appointment to be cancelled, subject to the therapist’s schedule.
  • This website seeks to provide information only.
lily argarwal rtt therapist

Lily Agarwal

Clinical Hypnotherapist & Adv RTT Therapist


Australia wide: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin & Regional centres.

Worlwide: United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Croatia, United States of America, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, India and many other locations.

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