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I am proud to be a highly effective and committed RTT Specialist Therapist. RTT therapy has won numerous international awards and accolades internationally. Marisa Peer, the founder, my teacher and mentor has worked over 30 years in the field, promoting and spreading the awareness of this remarkable composite method of therapy that is completely solutions based. I believe RTT is debunking the traditional notion that therapy is a long-term process and change is hard….. because I am seeing many people change their life for the better in remarkable ways in just 2 to 3 sessions. RTT is fast gaining worldwide recognition as one of the most effective methods for fast and long-lasting results. 

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Founder of RTT School & Rapid Transformational Therapy

My teacher and I trained with Marisa Peer at her RTT School studying online and then attending the qualifying in-person training in London. It has been an interesting step by step journey to becoming an RTT Therapist. Then I became an RTT Specialist Therapist with the Marisa Peer FAST program – Find a Specialist Therapist.

Eventually, I have chosen to work independently through a carefully designed practice style that allows for a highly personalised and bespoke therapy experience, allowing me to meet each client where they are and offer a support and care program that fits their individual unique needs. I found that a one size fits all approach just doesn’t provide the care or the breakthroughs that a client hopes for when they choose to invest in the therapy and the promise of a remarkable transformative experience. 

My therapy practice provides a generous approach to time spent together with my clients so that they can achieve the best outstanding outcomes that many of my clients do achieve.  I work with clients with an ongoing range of emotional and physical issues that they have not been able to overcome so far. And a few sessions later – generally up to 3 – they can find a sustainable breakthrough. A new healthier and happier way forward – free of pain and limitations. 

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Lily Agarwal

Clinical Hypnotherapist & Adv RTT Therapist


Australia wide: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin & Regional centres.

Worlwide: United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Croatia, United States of America, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, India and many other locations.

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