Marriage Therapy

Rapid Transformational Therapy & Coaching has a unique approach to improving marital/love relationships

Do you want more peace, clarity, harmony & intimacy in your marriage? Rapid Transformational Therapy has a unique approach to helping couples. You do the therapy by yourself, not with your partner. Create true long-lasting positive change.

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Marriage Therapy & Counselling

Choosing a life partner is the most important choice we make in our life. We bring into our partnership our best and most positive qualities. Unfortunately, we also bring all our negative and limiting patterns of thought and behaviour. You see each partner has their own belief system that they inherited from the environment they grew up in. It’s the conflicting & contradictory beliefs between two people that each has brought from their own childhood & life experiences and events that cause disappointment and dissatisfaction.

We all want peace, harmony, and joy in our home/family lives. We all want love, appreciation, and intimacy with our life partners. Often, we end up with a sense of rejection, criticism, and lack of cooperation. There is stress, tension, conflict, sabotage, betrayal. Bickering, arguments, conflict and even abuse can become a source of shame, guilt, and blame. Intimacy, comfort, sense of enjoyment and fun with each other just fly out the window. Giving and receiving love becomes an impossible dream.

Of course, every relationship is unique as are the problems therein.

Marriage Therapy
Marriage Therapy

How can Rapid Transformational Therapy & Coaching help your marriage?

Rapid Transformational Therapy (also known as RTT) & Coaching is unique in how it helps couples resolve and dissolve their differences. The unparalleled power of hypnotherapy – the RTT way, lies in the fact that each partner does the therapy alone.

It is unlike traditional forms of therapy where couples sit together and complain about each other to the Counsellor/Psychologist. If you do RTT with me, you get to look at the ‘root cause’ of the issue you are facing with your partner and your part in it. The emphasis is on you. With my expert help, you release the limiting, self-sabotaging beliefs, and Patterns of thought and behaviour. This creates remarkable changes in your perspective, attitudes. You change the part you play – be it positive or negative. You change your role in the equation between you and your partner. Unbelievable but true – your relationship with your partner changes automatically easily and effortlessly.

Every couple counselling session is unique

Clients come to me at various stages of their journey in their partnership, their marriage. Some want to heal the marriage, others want to consciously uncouple, others want to change the course of relationship history. Some want to find a loving enduring relationship. Some want to find the courage & clarity to break out of Narcissistic entrapment. The reasons and results are always one of a kind.

Whatever your reasons, the answer lies in you. Empower yourself to live the best relationship life you have always wanted!

Marriage Therapy

Marriage Therapy Testimonials

When I first saw Lily at RTT, I must admit I was doubtful, and I was not sure that Hypnotherapy would be for me. I was having problems managing my life and my relationships, which had created such rage, conflict, anxiety, and confusion in me over the last 20-30 years. I had been to counselling for ….years, years but without much success. I had two sessions with Lily at RTT and within a couple of weeks, I began to feel different. I felt a sense of calm, confidence, and clarity. I felt in control and empowered. I am sleeping & eating better, and my sense of well-being is reassuring. I sat in a beautiful place on a hill where I had been many times before and realized that for the first time in many years, I was at one with myself. I am now in a place where I could leave the past behind and make the decisions that would change my life, in a way that makes me happy.

I am in a much better place thanks to Lily and RTT and am in no doubt as to the power of the subconscious mind. I find Lily to be…..soothing voice… trust … encouraging…competent… compassionate…..

~ Ric, 55 yo. Sydney Australia.

Lily Agarwal helped me overcome a very hurtful pattern in my romantic relationships. I just couldn’t understand why I faced rejection from my partners every time. This was causing me so much sadness. I had tried positive affirmations and several other things. Lily taught me to believe ‘I am Enough’. The therapy has just changed my feelings and I understand why I had the issues. I cried a lot in the session. I can’t even believe that I did those things. I know that I am feeling so much happier and loveable. I have stopped obsessing over the past and finding a life partner. I know I am worth it. I don’t do the things that I did before. I highly recommend Lily Agarwal, if you are struggling with your love life. She can help you.

~ Anonymous 32 yo–Melbourne, Australia

I asked for Lily’s help with a complex emotional challenge in my life. She was very thorough in understanding the problem and helped me discover the root cause of my issue while giving me a clear understanding of my position. I felt so much better afterwards! I highly recommend Lily’s work to whoever wants to improve the quality of their life.

~ Ilaria Ricci 41 yo–Rome. Italy

I approached Lily during a very challenging time in my marriage. I was unhappy in my daily life, fighting my husband all the time, unable to appreciate most things we were doing.

Lily was wonderful, she took all the time needed to understand my situation before putting me through hypnosis. We found the underlying life experiences that were holding me back and causing me unhappiness. After the hypnosis, taking again all the time needed, Lily helped me find clarity and peace in my life choices, and acceptance for the past.

Since the one session, I’m busy living in the present, enjoying my wonderful life with my amazing husband and children.
I have confidence in my future and more self-esteem. I’m also accepting challenging situations as a possibility to grow. My husband made the decision to contact Lily, and he is having rapid, successful therapy as well.

Lily answered every message and gave me the support I needed during the 21days+ and it was really beneficial.

Thank you Lily for your guidance and very powerful skills.

~ Lucile, 47 yo. Sydney, Australia

It takes 1 to 3 sessions to change your life. Make that choice. Invest in your happiness. You are totally worth it.

Did you know I offer my services both locally and globally? If you are not located in Sydney, don’t stress! Many of my sessions with my clients are conducted via online Zoom sessions. Book a discovery call today.

As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.

– Rumi

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