What is Rapid Transformational Therapy? (RTT)

What is Rapid Transformational Therapy

RTT Is a unique, futuristic & unparalleled hypnotherapy method that creates remarkable positive change, in every session. It uses the most beneficial principles from various cutting edge scientific disciplines that provide an understanding of how the mind works to create habits, patterns, of thoughts, feelings & behaviours, automatic triggers, physical symptoms and the functioning of our body, and indeed every aspect of our life.


Neuro Plasticity of the Brain

The brain is a complex network of neural pathways that respond to stimuli to create the life we experience at every level.
The stimuli it receives is based on the perceptions you hold. Your perceptions are a direct consequence of your belief system. Your belief system is created by your emotional reaction/response to your environment and the circumstances of your life up to the age of 7.
Your emotions create a pattern of feelings. Your feelings cause patterns of thought. Your thoughts create your behaviour. Your behaviour creates your experiences of life at every level.

So, when you change the way you feel about something, your beliefs about it change; you change your mind. In effect, you change the stimuli to the related neural pathway.

Neurons that fire together wire together. When you no longer feel the way you did before, the neural pathway for that pattern just doesn’t receive stimuli. Research has shown that it takes 21 days for a new neural pathway to becoming hardwired and an old unused one to wither away and disappear from the brain.

So, in this way the brain has the plasticity to change dramatically easily by changing the stimuli it receives.


Physics of Energy

Everything is energy, vibration and frequency. Energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be transferred, transmutated or transformed. By choosing more positive feelings, we change the energetic composition of our life and body.


Neuro Linguistic Programming

The way you express yourself in words and language is a powerful indicator of your mindset. The mind learns from the words you say and the pictures you make. So, when you change the words you use and the pictures you make, you automatically change your mindset.


Physical Metaphysics

A methodical correlation of physical symptoms to specific emotions/feelings. This line philosophy assists in helping a person to understand and explore their deeper repressed/suppressed feelings through Hypnotherapy.


Cognitive Behaviour

In hypnosis, a person can suspend egoic resistance and becomes receptive and responsive to identifying and challenging imbalanced, misrepresented, maladaptive perceptions/thoughts/ beliefs of their reality in the present tense, hence creating a more positive, hopeful and inspired expectation of their future possibilities and opportunities.



A natural state of mind which each one of us enters automatically several times a day. It is an alpha/theta brainwave frequency which allows you to suspend the left brain activity eg. logic, analytic mind, egoic resistance. It focuses on the right brain, the feeling, and the creative mind. This allows access to the subconscious mind and other related faculties like your instincts, intuition and other deeper realm aspects of our mind, which may be invisible to our conscious mind. In this hypnotic state, it has been known for many centuries and proven through research that a person can create instant change and reprogram the subconscious mindset – the powerhouse of our life – more than 95 % of life is lived from the subconscious program. A bit like updating and upgrading our computer operating system.


Universal Unity & Wholeness

The observation and acceptance of the spiritual concepts of Enoughness, Abundance, Perfection, Co-operation, Collaboration, Connectedness, Belonging, natural cycles of growth and regeneration.

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