Does RTT work?

Yes, RTT works. It is a unique therapy method that is the way forward. It breaks from conventional thinking that change is hard, that change is difficult and takes a long time to create and change is possible in small doses only. Unlike the traditional view, it understands the symptoms that have manifested in the body, psyche, emotional patterns and behavioural patterns to then focus on and only on the root causes. Then in disrupting and transforming the beliefs that support the root cause, the symptoms disappear. Yes, disappear not suppressed. Simply put – if you can change your mind, you can change your life. In any area of life.

RTT not only works but creates dramatic, phenomenal transformative change quickly and permanently. Try one session to experience the magic.

What does hypnosis feel like? Is it safe?

How do you feel just before falling asleep every night? Or just before you are fully awake in the morning? Or that time when you are sitting on the beach and looking out and you lose track of time and awareness of surroundings and thoughts soften. Or multiple other such natural life experiences.
Hypnosis is a calm, peaceful and deeply restful experience. Your focus & awareness is inward. It is a most enjoyable state of mind. It is completely safe and your mind would automatically bring you out of it if it senses danger or a threat of any kind. It cannot be sustained unless you are willing to allow it. Just as when that phone that rings when you are about to sleep. Or the doorbell or someone calls out your name. In an instant, you are out of it. You are always in control.

As RTT Therapists, we do not work with psychosis or epileptic sufferers because of the possible unpredictability of the person’s response.

Clinical hypnosis is nothing like the stage hypnosis you may know about. As your RTT therapist, you will always be ethically and respectfully treated. Your consent is sought each time to induce hypnosis and I cannot ask you to do anything you do not wish to do.

How will I feel after the session?

Every person has a unique response. A person feels peaceful and calm after the session. There may be a desire to eat or sleep or go to the toilet. Nothing out of the ordinary. There is a sense of quietness but you return to your full day mind and are capable of dealing with your normal requirements. Though it is recommended to take some time to do what your natural desire is for the rest of the day.

How quickly is the change experienced?

Change can be instant. A person can come out of the session and find the pain is gone. Or the down mood is much better. The process of change continues after the session, as the neural pathways take up to 21 days hard wire and the old patterns take the same amount of time to disappear. Change can be ongoing at a subliminal level where months later you look back and find that a lot has changed.

What about all my private and confidential information? What happens to it?

Right from the form you fill in and all the notes taken during therapy – Your private and confidential information is safely stored and maintained. Either electronically or in a closed filing system. It remains private & confidential unless lawfully required to provide. The therapist has the right of discretion to refuse such demands in certain cases. In the case of children if any abuse is declared by the child, then the Therapist is obliged to inform child services.

Why is RTT so expensive? Most therapists charge much less?

RTT is not expensive at all. In fact, it is the most cost-effective therapy that exists. Other therapies are offered on an hourly basis, so the hourly rate is modest in comparison. Many are ongoing formats where you will go back for months or even years. So when you add up they are exorbitant without the results that RTT provides.

Each RTT session you buy is approximately 4 Therapist hours. You have 30-day support. You get an audio recording. All in the one upfront price. So an hourly breakdown is most reasonable.

The most important factor is that RTT will give results that you may have not received from spending thousands of dollars on doing all of the traditional, conventional type care. So, the essential question to ask yourself is what is the price of your freedom? Freedom from the things that are preventing you from having the life that you want. eg. a client freed herself of a 30-year old compulsive disorder in under $1500 doing RTT. She has spent thousands going down the same old road, with no lasting improvement. She said – RTT has given her a life she could not even dream possible… All this for under $1500.

So, if you are ready to change your life, make this paradigm shift. The price of RTT is nothing for the life you can have.

How do you conduct hypnosis over Zoom?

Hypnosis is induced through spoken words and directions given to the client to perform a sequence of actions and in doing so is being able to be hypnotized. In a way, the therapist is showing the client how to hypnotize themselves.

Who is an ideal candidate for RTT?

Because hypnosis is a natural state of mind that takes you straight to your subconscious mind. It is the subconscious program, a belief system that we work within RTT. Hypnosis is a completely natural state that each one of us goes into every single day automatically. Sometimes several times. It’s a theta brain wave frequency state. It is the healing absorbing allowing state. The egoic, analytical, reasoning mind is quietened. Reducing greatly the resistance, fear or control that we have become accustomed to in managing our life on planet Earth.

Hypnosis or the theta mind provides a different kind of control, clarity and acumen. This is about our deeper inner self.

Hypnosis allows you to understand the root cause/s of your issues exactly and specifically. It takes the guesswork out, which is what traditional forms of therapy offer. In RTT it is your view and understanding that is key, not what the therapist thinks, believes or postulates.

Is it not traumatic to go back into the past experiences?

Regression of past experiences is carefully managed and supported. You cannot relive the experience. You only revisit, to review as if watching it on a TV screen. Even the review is guided and specific with the purpose of you understanding the meaning you created about yourself, life and the world. Then the impact of the review is disrupted and you are able to, not only leave the scenes behind but also neutralize and release the intensity of the emotions evoked.

The RTT process is a well-rounded method that leaves the person having dissolved the harmful hurtful feelings before the end of the session.

How many sessions are required to resolve the issue?

The standard recommendation is 1 to 3 sessions for one issue. As a general rule 1 session is key. Some conditions typically take 2 sessions generally.

Recommendations are made on a case by case basis. The gift of working on any one issue is it always impacts positively on other areas of life too. Although there is no exact or one outcome or experience. Each person’s outcomes are unique. Eg. a client who worked on a physical condition, found that without doing anything she lost an impressive amount of excess weight. Her moods improved. She felt more motivated by her work. Relationships change for the better.

RTT is ideal for what kind of person?

RTT works for any age or stage of life. All people are ideal. The most remarkable outcomes are achieved by people who seek therapy with a clear sense of commitment and are ready to make the changes. Children above the age of 7 can also receive RTT but only with ethical clarity and willingness of the therapist. Most children with specific conditions that are hampering a child’s ability to have a normal and healthy enjoyment of life. There are clients in their 70s or 80s who seek help with RTT to improve their quality of life.

RTT isn’t really suitable for say a smoker who has not made up their mind to quit and expect that somehow the Therapist will remove the smoking habit. Or if a person seeks therapy, to please a family member but have no real desire to do it.

What if I can’t be hypnotized?

If you sleep, you can be hypnotized. You may have resistance to it. As an RTT Therapist, I am skilled and have the competence to help you allow yourself to be induced with hypnosis. There is more than one way. So long as you give me consent, you can be hypnotized. Easily smoothly and effortlessly. You will most certainly enjoy it.

Does RTT cure physical conditions?

In RTT we do not diagnose or give a prognosis. The method is based on the intrinsic exact relationship between mind and body. So, we work with the underlying beliefs, emotions and feelings. The condition may improve organically as the subconscious mind changes. It has been a long-held observation and understanding in the psychology profession that – feelings do matter critically in the existence and improvement of the physical manifestation of a condition. The views on this matter are becoming more and more well-established in various streams of scientific research and understanding.

I do work with physical conditions with several clients experiencing remarkable organic improvement – the condition disappears. Each person and condition varies.

RTT has remarkable, unparalleled results for people with chronic conditions, compulsive disorders, various conditions for which medical science does not provide a clear pathway to improvement.

RTT has helped people with cancer and other life-threatening conditions by providing an introspection of their emotional state of mind and changing that.

RTT despite its efficacy with physical conditions, we do not purport to cure anyone. Soundly, the belief is the mind has the power to create the condition, so it equally has the power to reverse it, if all conditions required by it are met.

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