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Are you looking to learn more about rapid transformational therapy (RTT) online or curious about booking an RTT service? If you are serious about it, you are taking a bold step in your life, and this is going to be a life-changing moment for you. 

RTT therapy helps a range of people from those who feel anxious, unmotivated, and powerless over negative looping thoughts to people with various addictions. The goal from multiple RTT Zoom sessions is to ditch negative thoughts, change your mindset and develop an unrelenting sense of passion, inner peace, confidence and purpose in your life. 

Below, we’ll outline some information you’ll need to know about this topic before finally making the decision to try it. We’ll outline how hypnotherapy works, how it works over Zoom and whether effective RTT online is truly possible.

Does hypnotherapy actually work?

Hypnotherapy the RTT way is a solution to fast, effective change. When you receive the service, you will play an active role in the therapy. The more your therapist and you are imaginative, focused, relaxed and creative, the more the therapy will work for you. 

Many times, the effects and results are beyond the expectation set at the beginning of the therapy. Many services offer a maximum of three sessions for the client to see results. 

The effects of hypnotherapy can last the whole of your lifetime, and the change can be permanent. Some clients can quit smoking after only one session. Those who suffer from weight problems can overcome a bad habit in one session and a lifetime of bad habits within around 12 to 15 sessions. 

Like other processes of bringing about transformations in individuals, hypnotherapy is just a channel for change. It is only a tool. However, it is profoundly a powerful tool.

As such, the success of hypnotherapy is dependent on at least two things:

  • The expertise of the therapist
  • The client’s desire for change

That said, hypnotherapy has been used to effectively transform many people in several areas of their lives. 

The job of the hypnotherapist is to guide clients on how to be what they aspire to be. The word here is “guide” because this is what these hypnotherapists do. They guide their clients.

Thus, your hypnotherapist will not “change your thoughts”. That’s your job. What your therapist will do is help you navigate and show you how to achieve what you aspire to achieve. 

You will be the one to walk on the road that the client will show you. 

Does hypnotherapy online or via Zoom really work work?

Yes, RTT therapy online or online hypnotherapy via Zoom and can actually deliver better and faster results than in person sessions. It is almost the same as face-to-face, but many clients have mentioned online sessions are much better than face-to-face sessions.Being relaxed in your home environment can assist with the process. 

Don’t expect a miracle to happen overnight. You might not get results at first and think it is only a waste of money. It isn’t like that. 

First, you need to understand and get answers to your issues and know the best therapist to approach. When you meet that person, discuss your problems, issues, and challenges.

Hypnotherapy is a process. It may take multiple sessions before you can achieve the goal you want to achieve. Once the effect sets in, you will start feeling a shift in your thought patterns and behaviour. 

Then, you will feel happier and more positive. 

Your relationships will improve. 

Then you will realise you are in control of yourself and the things happening around you and in your life. 

Can you do RTT online?

Absolutely, yes. This type of hypnotherapy can be conducted online remotely. The actual online hypnotherapy session is done with eyes closed the same way it is done with a face-to-face session. 

With an online session, you need a stable internet connection or good phone service. All hypnosis techniques and tools can be used through video technology, such as zoom. 

Your initial session offers a safe and secure connection and the opportunity to try the process before committing to future sessions. 

You will only need to be in a quiet and comfortable spot in your home. You do not need to spend money and time travelling and be away from your home. 

Do the effects of hypnosis ever wear off?

Hypnosis can help people change. Once the hypnotherapy sessions end, the change remains. However, the changes may not last long if the subject acts in ways opposite to the suggestion. 

Other reasons why the effects do not last include: 

  • The rapport between the therapist and client has been broken. 
  • The subject thinks that it will not last. 
  • The subject has forgotten the suggestion.

Usually, the hypnotherapist will try to use tactics to ensure that the change is perpetual.

Lily Agarwal’s Premium Hypnotherapy Service 

If you need marriage, addiction or anxiety therapy and looking for a therapist in Sydney, one of the best clinical hypnotherapists based in this area is Lily Agarwal.

Lily Agarwal offers both face-to-face and virtual services. If you live far from Sydney and cannot meet her face-to-face, you can still receive her RTT sessions online via Zoom. Her services are available worldwide.

If you need relationship counselling online or you need to kick away an unhealthy habit, talk with Lily. She is a trained professional who can assist you in achieving a high level of focus than you can achieve with meditation. 

Lily’s method is a scientifically proven and effective method in creating desired transformations in behaviour, feelings, thoughts, and beliefs. 

With Lily’s expertise, you can achieve physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing that transcends the subconscious, unconscious, cellular, and core levels. 

Get in touch with Lily by filling out her contact form here. Lily conducts RTT hypnotherapy online and in person.

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