What is RTT

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), a hybrid therapy system that offers unparalleled results.

You may be someone who is seeking help for the first time
you may have tried many things and found no satisfaction.
Why not get in touch and do an RTT session with me
– experience the magic of real change in just 1 to 3 sessions in most cases.

RTT uses hypnosis to directly work with the subconscious mind because that is the part of you that controls and creates more than 95% or more of your daily life. The thoughts you think, the feelings you have – all of which create patterns, the never-ending uncontrollable repeating loops. These habits of thought, create habits of behavior. All of which are the direct result of the belief system recorded in your subconscious mind. Where and how did you get your belief system? Well! Mostly from the environment & circumstances, you were born into. So, most of how you experience life is a program- 95% of it. Imagine this belief system to be a prism through which you perceive life, the world, relationships, and yourself.

Quite simply – to change any aspect or issue in your life, all that you need to do is change your perspective. Ahh! Easily said. How to change your perspective? Change the program – your belief system.

This is where RTT works – it helps you investigate your subconscious mind, creates conscious awareness of the beliefs that are the root cause of the issue you are suffering. Once you understand the link, you are able to ‘let go’ of the beliefs and the associated hurts and pain that you may have carried with you for a long time. Yes, people cry in sessions under hypnosis as they release suppressed hurtful, harmful emotions & feelings. It’s the past that you have been carrying with you, sometimes completely unaware consciously.

As your RTT therapist, I am trained skilled, and experienced in observing and assessing what your mind believes you want it to do, which may be different from what you actually want now. Help you understand the appropriate measures you took as a child to move away from pain and suffering. Bring to your attention the words you used and the pictures you made in your mind in response to the events, experiences in your environment – about yourself, about life, about relationships, and the world at large. You become aware of what you were familiar with or comfortable with, hence making a different life that you truly want to be unfamiliar with. Together we collaborate to make sense of it all and put the pieces of the puzzle together so you can empower yourself and your life.

In RTT we have many tools and techniques which are a compilation of the most beneficial principles of neuro-linguistic programming, cognitive behavior therapy, clinical psychology, human behavior science, neuroplasticity/neuroscience, energy science, and more. These are seamlessly used to help you create a new positive view and expectation of self, others, life, and the world. A view, a perspective that allows you to reframe your mindset and choose a set of beliefs emotions, and thoughts that are aligned with the version of you that pleases you, and that makes you feel good. A healthier and happier you.

RTT is all about creating real remarkable change that is permanent; not in months and years: not with hard work and willpower: but easily, smoothly, and effortlessly, taking you on a personal journey of growth and development.

RTT has broad application for any time, age, or stage of life. It works on improving your emotional, personal, physical, or mental well-being.

RTT helps: Children, Teens, Adults, Families/Couples

Client Testimonials

Lily is a patient, thoughtful and extremely effective therapist. She really takes the time to understand the deeper root of your issue and works with you holistically to remedy it. Lily is incredibly knowledgeable and... after spending this time with her, I feel like I have not only fixed the original issues but gained valuable insight that will help me to live happier long term. I have never tried RTT before, however after my experience with Lily, I will never look back and will 100% be recommending her to my family and friends. This was well worth the investment, and I encourage anyone who is considering RTT to contact Lily Agarwal.read more
Naomi Bagga
Naomi Bagga
03:40 12 Aug 20
I have seen a few RTT therapists over the years and can confidently say that Lily Agarwal has been the best experience I've had. Living in the US, I have done sessions with her via Zoom and she is detail-oriented, kind... and extremely well informed. I have noticed a dramatic difference since my sessions with her, and having passed her onto some family, they have also come back with the same fantastic results. I would recommend Lily very highly and highly encourage anyone interested to reach out to her - you will not be disappointed.read more
Ahmon Metdals
Ahmon Metdals
03:38 12 Aug 20
Lily is a very attentive, caring and insightful therapist. She is able to provide a comfortable environment in which to help work through very personal challenges using progressive RTT methods.
Arj Bagga
Arj Bagga
11:56 11 Aug 20
I came to Lily Agarwal seeking help with heavy rectal bleeding that lasted over a week and a half.Although I sought medical help they were not able to schedule me for two months. I decided it would be a good idea to... see if Lily could help me.Lily was so great to work with. She is very thorough, compassionate, and effective.When I had my colonoscopy everyone was surprised. I have had a consistent history of polyps. Never, ever has there been a colonoscopy for me without them. This time there was nothing but healthy tissue.Of course I was overjoyed. I give Lily the highest recommendation. If you need to make a change in any way, emotional or physical, don't hesitate to contact her. She is the best!read more
Anne Wrinn
Anne Wrinn
10:00 19 Jul 20
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