RTT versus Traditional Therapy

The fundamental difference in approach is that hypnotherapy works with your emotions & feelings. Now we know emotions and feelings are not right or wrong, good or bad, true or false, they are your feelings, and they are valid. Moreover, they are valid because they are a true indicator of your perceptions in any area of life. Your perceptions are exactly in alignment with the subconscious beliefs you hold about anything and everything. Hypnotherapy helps you change negative aspects of your subconscious belief system so you can create the patterns of thought feelings and behaviour that you want and need, to live a happy, healthy, and prosperous life.

Some of the key points of difference with traditional therapy are that you will experience:

  • Noticeable, remarkable positive changes in every single session. That is because we are working with the powerhouse of your life – your subconscious mind, which can change in real-time in hypnosis.
  • Every session lasts 3- 4 hrs, dealing with the specific issue from start to finish. No frustration of weekly/fortnightly/monthly hourly sessions without resolution of the issue.
  • Generally, for any one issue, you may only need 1 to 3 sessions to find acceptable resolution. Its not an ongoing process that carries on for years without much change.
  • No medication is required to remove symptoms/pain. The root cause/s are understood and de-activated to remove/improve the conditions or issues. Can result in freeing you from medicinal dependence, under medical care and observation.
  • An interactive process where you respond to guided, specific, focussed questions and suggestions. Most of the interaction is with the subconscious mind, while your conscious egoic analytical logical mind is a quiet observer.
  • No analysis, theory, diagnosis, prognosis, labels, judgements offered. We focus on not what is wrong with you but what happened to you – to cause the issue.
  • The purpose is to help you to free you, not help you cope with and manage the issue.
  • It is the most cost & time effective therapy and the most profitable investment you can make for your life. eg. If you can resolve your anxiety in say 3 sessions, what would that be worth to you? – the time effort energy spent on dealing with the issue – you will save? Many clients become free of medication, avoid surgeries, time off work, risk to their life and in fact improve their work & family life & every other area of life. Not the least the positive impact on the people close to you.
  • The objective is your self-regulated freedom & empowerment; does not keep you dependent.
  • You will meet your hypnotherapist maybe once, twice or three times. Where there are complex inter-related multiple issues, it maybe more. But eventually you will not need a Therapist.
  • The efficacy and effectiveness of hypnotherapy has been clinically tested and proven through cutting-edge contemporary science, although it has been around a long time. It is the future of therapy and healing. It has been found to create unparalleled results worldwide.

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